SUGHK - Hong Kong SAP Users Group

Grupo de Usuarios de Hong Kong

SAP User Group (Hong Kong) Limited is an independent, nonprofit organization registered in Hong Kong. It is formed and joined by member companies that use SAP software in Hong Kong.
The serve our members in using the SAP software better by organizing regular networking groups and discussion forums for their members to exchange ideas and share experiences with SAP products and services.
SUGHK Website

RSUG - Russian SAP Users Group

Grupo de Usuarios de SAP Rusia

RSUG is independent organization that works for promotion of Russian-speaking SAP Users interests. RSUG is the community of professionals with common business interests and experience. It helps to find answers, to offer new ideas, to solve problems and to develop new professional contacts. RSUG offers organizational support for Russian-speaking SAP users to represent common interests. In particular: sharing knowledge about already implemented SAP solutions and SAP products practical use, also about approaches to implementation projects and to solutions maintenance process; systematization of cooperation with SAP solutions developers in order to develop solutions considering Russian-speaking users needs; systematization of cooperation with Global and Local SAP users support services to develop services for customers; organization of SAP solutions development strategy discussion considering Russian-speaking and international communities interests. RSUG mission is establishing of customers ecosystem, where community members can share opinions, experience and knowledge, can structure and form common for all users requests for vendors, and also promote new ideas, technologies and tools for reaching goals of companies themselves as well as the aims of individual community members . RSUG has efficient collaboration with groups and organizations of SAP users all over the world.

FSD - Danish SAP User Group

Grupo de Usuarios de SAP Dinamarca

FSD is a community of Danish companies. The members are typically using SAP themselves or have a relevant business interest in SAP solutions. The motivation for membership is the benefit that the companies and their employees gain by participating in the events, organized by the community. The vision of FSD is to be the preferred place for knowledge exchange between the Danish people using SAP solutions. FSD Website

AUSED GUPS - Italian SAP Users Group

Grupo de Usuarios de SAP en Italia

The GUPS (SAP User & Prospect Group in Italian) is a permanent workshop inside the Aused association one of the most important and influencing organizations of CIOs in the Italian ICT world. The organization was created in 2000 thanks to a group of fellows interested in the SAP universe, and its aim is to share knowledge among the community and provide members with access to first hand news. By joining the GUPS, members may meet and interact with peers, key personnel from SAP, as well as partners and professionals. Prospective customers, who often need more independent and affordable information, will also find great value in joining. For members of all types, GUPS hosts a number of events on a wide variety of topics to facilitate discussions and sharing of common business issues and best solution or industry best practices. In 2007, SAP Italy recognized the GUPS as the countrys only official group of SAP users. AUSED GUPS Website

uSAP - Philippine SAP Users Group

Grupo de Usuarios de Filipinas

uSAP is an association of users of SAP in the Philippines that serves as a venue for sharing SAP-specific information, knowledge, experiences, and excess resources among its members. It also provides the members a collective voice in negotiating with SAP items of common interest to the member companies such as training schedules, development requests (e.g,. localization requirements), implementation, and other SAP-related issues. uSAP Website

STUG - Thai SAP Users Group

Grupo de Usuarios de Tailandia

STUG is for everyone who uses SAP products in Thailand. The objectives for our group are: Network to enable exchange of experience, competence and ideas between members. Increase users knowledge of SAP and contribute to an increased ROI coming from the usage of SAP applications. Participate in international meetings and meet other SAP unions. Support initiatives that will influence SAP in a beneficial way for the demands of the users (includes the proposal of system development requests). STUG Website

ISUG - Israeli SAP User Group

Grupo de Uuarios SAP Israel

The Israeli SAP User Group is an independent nonprofit organization that brings together the SAP communities in a yearly event to hear about the new case studies and best practices that were created during the year – and to gain more insight from SAP experts, consultants, and partners. The user group is headed by Zeev Kliger, a top executive from Bank Hapoalim. Website under construction Contact by Linkedin

SUSAP - Slovenian SAP Users Group

Grupo de Usuarios de SAP Eslovenia

SUSAP is an independent organization of Slovenian SAP users that runs on voluntary but organized basis. Our goals and aims are exchange of knowledge and experience about SAP functionalities through organized workshops and interest groups, with consolidation and emphasis on customer needs or demands helping SAP to improve localization, enabling networking between managers as well as experts, with close cooperation of users diminish the lack of big user numbers. SUSAP Website

INDUS – India SAP Users Group

Grupo de Usuarios de SAP India

INDUS – SAP User Group for the Indian subcontinent – allows SAP and SAP users to exchange information of mutual interest and value. SAP users also have the opportunity to share their experiences, knowledge, and ideas. INDUS activities are governed by INDUS by-laws, which spell out the basic structure of INDUS, membership criteria, when and how the group meets, the governing bodies (directors, members, and committees), how they are selected, roles and responsibilities, procedures for elections, and how the group makes decisions and delegates responsibilities. So lets collaborate, co-innovate, and Influence to make a difference. INDUS Website

DSAG - German SAP User Group (Deutschsprachige SAP-Anwendergruppe e.V)

Grupo de Usuarios de SAP Alemania

The German-speaking SAP User Group is the independent lobby for SAP users in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The work of DSAG is based on three pillars: networking, exchanging experience, and exercising influence. This is what happens primarily in the more than 150 special interest groups and work groups focused on industries, technologies, and processes. Based on this, we offer our members exclusive information on SAP strategies, product development, and services at an early stage. The user group is the communication platform in the German-speaking SAP environment. Due to this active and close cooperation we have become a "trusted advisor" of SAP. DSAG Website